Week of May 18 - 22, 2009

Screenshot from http://finance.yahoo.com

The past Monday, NY market was up and then the rest of the week trailed off to an overall of 0.5% gain. Toronto market was doing quite well this week, up by 2.36% for the week. Toronto market is always led up by oil and materials because they make up a big percentage of the index. I have to admit that I place my research effort on NY market market more then then Toronto market because my favorite stocks are listed on NY market only.

Not too much news this week in NY. Even though Home Depot and Lowe's reported optimistic quarter results and outlook, it does not mean that the housing industry recovers. Home Depot did very well on cost cutting. They reduce the use of energy in their store significantly. Housing industry remains weak with housing starts was reported at record low.


SABALE said...

GM is the paper

Cheapco said...

Most of my favorite stocks are in the NYSE, but then I have to follow the exchange rate too.

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