New blog to talk stocks or markets

Hello all. I have been debating on whether I should have a new blog on stock market or my investments. I didn't want to do it initially because it's time consuming. However, it is a nice way to keep track of my own thinking and analysis of the market.

Trading stocks is my second job and my hobby. It's exciting to watch the market moves. It's satisfying to have correctly predicted how the market moves. Since I still have my main job, I need to focus during the day. I have a plan. I use about 1 hour per night to read news and research. I call that my homework. I then decide on my moves, if there is any, for the next day. I don't care about the market movement or news during the day, unless I am bored to death.

For the past few days, I've been bearish on the market. I haven't traded at all. I am waiting. I missed the March low because I was working on a few stupid manuscripts that were so terrible that my brain stopped working, almost. I believe there is still chance that the market comes down more. Economy is still bad. Job loss is still bad.

Good blogging!


Cheapco said...

Good idea for a blog. Update it constantly so we can keep track of your investments!

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